Using Fisheye-Hemi in Lightroom®

Follow the steps below to use the Fisheye-Hemi plug-in in Adobe Lightroom:

  1. Start up Lightroom (after following these configuration steps).
  2. Select one or more images and then select File->Export...
  3. Click on one of the "presets" under "Fisheye-Hemi" in the left top "Preset" panel.
  4. "Export To" at the top of the Export dialog will then be set to "Fisheye-Hemi".
  5. Adjust the parameters in the right panels as desired.
  6. Click "Export" and the file will be processed and exported to the location you specified. 


Optionally, click "Add" in the left top "Preset" panel to save your parameters as a "User Preset".


Note: You can also add Fisheye-Hemi as a "Post-Process Action" to an existing non-Fisheye-Hemi preset. Under the bottom left "Post-Process Actions" panel, select "Fisheye-Hemi" then "Insert". Then go to the last of the right panels to set the Fisheye-Hemi correction type. You should use Fisheye-Hemi as either a "Preset" or a "Post Process Action" but not both.  


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