How do I re-install and/or activate my plug-in?

Do the following to re-install and/or activate your plug-in product:

First, install the plug-in on the computer if necessary. 

  • If you need to download your plug-in again you can go to this link and choose the appropriate file.  
  • Download the file and then double-click on the file and follow the instructions.


  1. Bring up your imaging application (for instance Photoshop).
  2. Choose Help->About Plug-In->Plug-In name. (Windows)
        Choose Photoshop->About Plug-In->Plug-In name. (Mac) 
  3. On the "About" dialog click “Buy/Update". 
  4. On the "Purchase, Update or Activate" dialog copy and paste your serial number and click "OK". 
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