Manually placing plug-ins in your imaging application including Fisheye-Hemi v2 - Mac

Our latest Mac installers will now automatically locate and place our Photoshop-compatible plug-ins into your imaging application such as Photoshop or Elements. 

If we aren't able to automatically install the plug-ins you can still manually copy the plug-ins into your application. 

After installation, the plug-ins can be found in the following locations.

Fisheye-Hemi (version 2):
/Library/Application Support/Imadio/Hemi 2


Fisheye-Hemi (version 1):
/Library/Application Support/Image Trends Inc/Plug-ins/Hemi

Fisheye-Hemi 1 (Circle).plugin 
Fisheye-Hemi 2 (FullFrm).plugin
Fisheye-Hemi 3 (Cropped).plugin

ShineOff (version 3):
/Library/Application Support/Imadio/ShineOff 3


ShineOff (version 2):
/Library/Application Support/Image Trends Inc/Plug-ins/ShineOff 2


PearlyWhites (version 3):
/Library/Application Support/Imadio/PearlyWhites 3


PearlyWhites (version 2):
/Library/Application Support/Image Trends Inc/Plug-ins/PearlyWhites 2



The plug-ins can be copied into one or more of the following applications. Remember to restart your application after copying the plug-ins.

Adobe Photoshop CC, 2020 and beyond

Note Adobe has a common install location for plug-ins for current and future versions of CC including 2020 and beyond. That location is: 

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CC

Adobe Photoshop CS(N)

/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5.5/Plug-ins/Filters
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5.1/Plug-ins/Filters
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Plug-ins/Filters
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Plug-ins/Filters
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Plug-ins/Filters

Adobe Photoshop Elements (N)

/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020/Support Files/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019/Support Files/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018/Support Files/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 15/Support Files/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 14/Support Files/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 13/Support Files/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 12/Support Files/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 11/Support Files/Plug-ins
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 10/Support Files/Plug-ins/Filters
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 9/Plug-ins/Filters
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 8/Plug-ins/Filters


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